About Us

About Us:

Cordyally was born out of a personal quest to find soft and cosy maternity clothing that looks as good as it feels. We began with the purpose of making this search easier (and fun) for expectant and new mothers. As a brand led by a new mother herself, we understood that you don’t just need the comfort, variety, and style in your maternity clothing, you deserve it.

So, when we created this brand, we wanted our name to reflect this. Our name is a combination of the words - cord and ally. The umbilical cord represents the sacred bond between the mother and her baby. "Cord" in our name reflects this core value, i.e., cherishing and empowering mothers. And with the word "ally," we wanted you to know that we are here to support you and be an ally during your pregnancy journey.

Since the beginning, each piece designed at Cordyally is a labour of love, crafted with only the lightest and gentlest of fabrics to create a variety of styles centred around comfort for mothers.

We are in love with this line and hope you love it too!


Founder, Cordyally